Khajuraho the Untold Story

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Hey hello folks, i hope you have liked my previous post Taj Mahal the Epitome of Love, am back with another travelling destination , one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in India  Khajuraho the Untold Story of Love also known as the Kamasutra Temples located in Madhya Pradesh are amongst the most alluring medieval monuments in India.
The Khajuraho temple were built by Chandella rulers in between 950-1100 AD these are one of the oldest monuments in India it is presumed that every chandela ruler built one of the temple in his lifetime , so as there were group of 85 temples but now there are only 25 of them remains today these are the largest group of hindu and jain temple, it is believed as Khajuraho to be the religious capital of Chandella Dynasty and the Khajuraho temples scattered over an area of 9 square miles, shows the traditional lifestyle of women during that time.
So stating through some basic Knowledge of my post i wanted to share my vogue experience of my visit to Khajuraho temple as it is about 175 km from my home town Jhansi so with two of my friends we have planned to visit the Khajuraho temple to know more about ancient history of india.

Chapter 1: Road Memories

Me along with my friends started our journey from Jhansi, We booked a cab for our visit it was a pleasant day in morning 7:00 am we started our journey, We shared some old school memories by the time we reached Mauranipur (a town 50 km from Jhansi ) there we took a halt of 15 min for breakfast we ate samosa kachori then back to car, top notched the air conditioning of car and relaxed, though the condition of the road is not up to the mark but our car driver Ravi bhai made us comfortable and shared some cool experiences of his trips to other places in India, We chatter laughed and enjoyed the conversation, we reached Chattarpur (town 135km from Jhansi) we freshened up and bought cold drink , Lays , our driver enlightened us about the history of Chattarpur and learned about the establishment of Bundelkhand we were more than happy to hire such a knowledgeable driver.
We entered into the city Khajuraho, you will see the beautiful Khajuraho Airport as it connects all the major international airports across the globe and major cities of India, Tourist from all over the world come here to see the ancient sculptures and monuments and learn about the ancient history of lovemaking.
visit khajuraho All the major hotels of India the Radisson hotel, the Lalit Temple View, hotel Clarks are over there one can easily accommodate and can enjoy the trip.
It was around 11:30 am we were very hungry so decided to eat lunch in a good restaurant so we googled some of the restaurants and found Retro Lounge restaurant and ate Kadai Paneer , Fried Dal, and vegetable raita ,after having such a soul satisfying flavorsome meal we decided to head towards the temple.

Chapter 2: Temple visit

The Khajuraho temples, scattered over an area of about 9 square miles rediscovered almost 9 centuries later, they give poignant representation of life in the 11th century few temples are dedicated to Hindu deities Lord Shiva ,Brahma, Vishnu  and to Jain deities also, there is an entrance of Rs 30 for Indian Tourist and Rs 500 for Foreign, at the entrance a basic security check is done and then they allow tourists to visit the temple.

Lakshmana Temple


The Lakshmana temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is built by Chandella ruler, built using Sandstone, with varying shades of buff, pink and pale yellow each temple contains an entrance, a hall, a vestibule and a sanctum. The images of God and Goddesses sculpted on temple walls represents the many manifestations of divine Shakti and Shiva, these temples are mainly associated with their erotic art and for that reason these temples are known as the Kama-Sutra Temples, most of the erotic sculptures are inside and outside walls of temple but not near the deities, it is seen that well-contoured bodies of nymphs grab attention as they can be seen engaging in activities like putting on make-up, washing their hair, playing games etc. Inside of the hall, you will see sculptures of the notorious monkey as it is believed that monkeys used to stretch clothes of women , and Devanagari languages carved into the sandstone makes it more mythological ancient beauty.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple


Kandariya Mahadeva temple meaning ‘the Great God of Caves’ is the largest and most ornate Hindu temple at that time it located behind the Lakshmana Temple.
The temple was built between 1025-1050 AD as this monument is dedicated to Lord Shiva, consist of  an entrance, a hall, a vestibule and a sanctum and the temple complex is spread over an area of 6 square kilometers and Lord shiva being the chief deity in the temple deified in the sanatorium, temple represents the three forms of Lord Shiva , the temple was characteristically built over over a height of 31 meters and is called as the largest and grandest temple of Khajuraho and the architecture is bit similar to the other temples as god and goddesses sculpted on walls of the temple, and inside the hall you will see women monkeys beautifully carved into sandstone and some of the sculptures got deteriorate due to the weathering action , nevertheless you will love this place and will appreciate the skills of workers at that time.

Chitragupta Temple


This Chitragupt temple Closely resembles Jagadambi Temple and consist of a sanctum , a vestibule, and an entrance porch there is no hall in this temple , dedicated to Sun God Lord Surya the main image in the sanctum is an impressive sculpture of Lord Surya standing in a chariot driven by seven horses, three similar figures are also carved on the doorway, this is the only temple in Khajuraho dedicated to Lord Surya and is located 110m north of Kendriya Mahadeva temple.
The octagonal ceiling of the maha-mandapa is one of its most striking features of the temple. On the walls, you can see beautiful carvings of sura-sundaris and couples in erotic poses. Images of eleven-headed God Vishnu also adorn the walls of the temple.

Vishwanath Temple


This Vishwanath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, is amongst the finist monuments of Khajuraho, begun possibly as early as 850 AD, and built over a period of 300 years, the form of this temple is quite similar to other temples in the premises. Generally, the temple includes a solid slab based, walls pierced by window and balcony openings with God and Goddesses sculptures carved into the sandstone. The images on the basement showcase the carvings of Virabhadra (a mythical being created by the wrath of God Shiva), Lord Ganesha and seven Mothers (a group of Hindu Goddesses). It is also famed for featuring the most proportionate sculptures of sura-sundaris and couples in erotic poses.

Best Time to Visit Khajuraho

The ideal time to visit Khajuraho is between the months of July and August, however, during this time in India start of monsoon, the monsoon season in Khajuraho has its own charm when the lush-green area surrounding this small town turns into a real paradise. The humidity is on a high but the evenings are generally pleasant.

Chapter 3: Return Journey

After visiting the splendid monuments we were tired enough and hungry too, we called our driver to pick us up from the temple exit gate, headed towards sun shine restaurant as our driver Ravi bhai suggested us to have dinner over hear, we ate kimchi chicken and paneer pasanda , fruit raita, the food was very delicious soul satisfying i will suggest you to have dinner over there.
After the dinner we started our return journey to Jhansi with some cool and knowledgeable memories of the visit.
So guys i hope you have enjoyed reading my experience and would love to hear your visit 
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