Things to Pack Before Traveling

Hey, guys, your Vogue-Traveler is back with some checklist that you must follow to ease your trip. Whether it’s your first trip or hundredth every time it generally happens, you forget something any say “Ohh Shit, I forgot it” does not worry its human brain, you cannot memories non-regular doing things. So for this, I am here to help you out with some of the most ultimate checklists that every traveler must follow so that you don’t have to use above words ever and to travel with a complete a to z must have things to pack before traveling.

Some Useful Tips before Getting Started

  1. Whenever and wherever you are planning your trip “don’t be lazy” in packing things as this will cut 90% of your irritation level during your trip.
  2. This is the most important tip, “Try not to pack your bags just one or two-hour before the start of your trip” as mostly people used to forget their toothbrush ūüėõ and some small-small important accessories. So always keep up a packing time.
  3. Pack accordingly by just searching out the weather report of your travelling place.
  4. Put all the important necessary items over a table or bed when packing your bag so that it will be in front of your eyes and you will not forget it.

Quick Tip:- Folding a tee in 5 sec.

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Step I : Put Everything on the Table

Yeah always try to put every necessary item on the table or bed, before getting started so that you will never forget anything and whatever you are going to pack, if those items will be in front of you then your packing time reduces to 70%.

Step II : Prepare your Handy Carry-on Bag

Always prepare a handy carry bag so that you don’t have to open big bags for small-small items, if you are travelling for few days via train or car better to put 3 – 4 your best clothes with a towel n 3-4 undergarments.

If you are going for long holidays with your whole family then mothers better know what to carry what not too.

Step III : Collect Important Documents

Always carry your Driving Licence in your purse or wallet so that where every you go if someone asks your for a verification purpose, then you don’t have to search that in your bag, just open your wallet and within 30 sec tada!

Let’s take a look at some of the few important documents that you must carry :

  • Personal ID, including a student ID in your luggage, if somehow you loses your baggage, one can contact you via your student/employee Id card.
  • Of course your Debit/Credit card, no need to explain.
  • Maintain a notepad with all the important contacts and¬†addresses¬†or be digital, write it on your notepad of mobile.
  • Never carry an excessive amount of cash in your wallet, if some misshapen occurs you will regret it.
  • Hotel address and contact no.
  • All other important documents that are not mentioned but might be important for you.

Step IV : Digital Gadgets

Yeah, one of the most important thing when travelling, so that you don’t feel bored is having Digital Gadgets with yourself. These gadgets not only makes life and travel easier by 30% but also refreshes one’s mood.

Let’s look out some of the few gadgets that you can take along with yourself

  • Mobile/Tablet with their chargers never to forget.
  • Ipad/ Laptop will never keep you out of business
  • Headphones/Earplugs for listening to you best playlist anywhere anytime.
  • Camera/DSLR always to capture best moments and not forget to capture nature/scenic beauty
  • Your Kindle or any other¬†PDF¬†Reader If you love reading novels/magazines and don’t want to carry bulky novels with yourself then Kindle is always a must itinerary.
  • Power bank to charge your gadgets when their battery gets low.
  • A storage device such as Pen Drive or External SD, not the digital gadgets but very much useful when to transfer bulk data.
  • Digital Fitness Band to measure every aspect of all day activity such as tracking of steps, calories, distance, automatic call-text notification, this is very useful for fitness lovers

STEP V: Health Items

 Always carry some general medicines thinking why I am saying so because due to change in weather condition from one place to another traveler do get caught by viral fever or maybe if you are tracking somewhere any insect bite will irritate you. So these medical items are must.

Some general medical items you can carry easily with yourself :

  • Fever Medicines such as Combiflam, Cheston Cold, etc
  • Allergy tablets such as Allegra, Citzine etc
  • Hand Sanitizer or wet wipes
  • Dettol Antiseptic liquid with Cotton for any cut or wound cleaning
  • Any best antiseptic skin cream
  • Sun Cream
  • Band-aids
  • Prescribed medication
  • Mosquito repellent cream.

STEP VI: Lean Your Luggage/Organize your Stuff

This is the most important thing when you are going out somewhere with your luggage, always pack your things in a lean way by a lean way I mean luggage that is versatile, lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials. This will cut your irritation level and by Organizing your stuff I mean whatever you are packing should be packed in a proper manner such as :-

  • When Packing Clothes always fold them in a proper way by this you can put extra clothes easily or any other essential thing, as it reduces bulkiness.
  • Always put items or essentials where they are meant to be put such as- Toothbrush should always be in toilette bag.
  • Use Zipper Bags to keep small things and put them in the front pocket of your luggage.
  • Always carry some extra poly bags if you buy something you can put that in.
  • Keep Food items in a different polybag in a proper way otherwise, it can stain your clothes or other stuff.

Step VII : The Basics

Here I am mentioning some of the basic stuff you should carry with yourself, the list goes on like this :

  • Starting with light weight clothes, layered them in a proper way
  • Sleepwear, carry shorts or Pajamas
  • Extra Undergarments
  • Shoes/Slippers
  • Belt/also money belt
  • Sunglasses
  • Perfume./Deodrant
  • Swimsuit
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap/or Facewash
  • Shaving Kit/After Shave lotion
  • Lip Bam/ Body Lotion
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Scissors/Nail clippers
  • Handy Mirror
  • Shoe polish

STEP VIII: Prepare your home before leaving

This is the most important thing that you should do before going out-of-town, as holding all the everyday things for few days.

  • Stop newspaper delivery
  • Store items in tight bags
  • Put remaining vegetables/ food stuff in refrigerator
  • Check all the washroom taps
  • Unplug all the unnecessary appliances
  • Switch off all the lights
  • Close all the windows and lock all the doors
  • Put a tag outside the main gate as “Not in town, contact no.”

STEP IX :  Some general points to remember

  • Before leaving tally above itinerary once again so that you don’t forget anything
  • Use Mobile sticky notes to write something important
  • ¬†Activate internet pack in your smartphone so that you don’t have to carry bulky guide books/notepads.

So, guys, this is it, I hope the above-mentioned checklist will put a change in the way you pack things. So keep traveling and remove all the stress and enjoy the life.

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