Lip Smacking Street Food of Noida

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New Okhla Industrial Development Authority aka Noida, the city comes under  National Capital Region of India and has a population of about  7 lacks. The city is being considered as one of the greenest city in India with about 50% green cover which is highest of any city in India, with broad roads and expressways connecting to the city makes it smarter for people to travel.

Noida has emerged out as a hub spot for IT Sector and has become the preferred destination for companies offering BPO, KPO, BTO etc services. So the number of people lives here and the number of people comes here every day for working in their respected offices is very high, which ultimately leads street food vendors to serve exotic food for their customers.

There are many places in Noida where you can hang-out or you can eat lip smacking street food of Noida. I just went to one of my favorite places along with my roommate Shah to hang out and to eat the mouth-watering street food of the city.

Brahmaputra Market aka Mini Chandni Chowk of Noida

If you want to taste the best street food in Noida than BP Market should be on your must visit itinerary. Brahmaputra Market in Noida Sector 29 is famous for its delicious street cuisines and for the reason it attracts many visitors, every day in the evening around 5’o clock the streets sets up with vendors providing exotic food to their customers and eventually it became the paradise for street food lovers.

Vendors of BP market serves every lip-smacking street food from tasty Golgappas to exotic kebabs,  piquant shawarma’s to spicy momos, also the juice corner serving tasty thick shakes to relax your mind and body.

Quick Tip : Always start your day by drinking 250 ml of Juice as it will increase your body immunity and you will remain healthy always.

Here are a suggested 2 street food menus of BP market that I have liked the most and you should have a try when you visit this place in Noida sec-29.

Kapoor Balle Balle( Serving Veg/Non-Veg Food)

The owner of Kapoor Balle Balle are the two Punjabi brothers serves some of the finest North Indian starters. They serve mouth watering chicken shwarma with great filling with mint chutney and delicious mayo. They have long list food itineraries one can find out by looking at their menu.

You will see a long haul of food lovers waiting to order food, so do we were also waiting for our turn to come, then after a little span of time we just ordered Special handi paneer ( Cottage Cheese) with Butter Naan  it took about 15 min approx due to long list of orders, and when the beautifully prepared dish served to us, we were like ‘wao’ it looks good  then, of course, it will taste better.

After eating we were like heaven on earth, people do say visit this place eat over here but trust me they are never wrong its the yummiest street food eating place in Noida. Kapoor Balle Balle rocks!

Check out my food rating of Kapoor Balle Balle

  1. Quality : 9/10
  2. Quantity : 9/10
  3. Ambiance : 5/10
  4. Affordability- 4/5
  5. Service : 8/10

So folks, whenever you get time eat over here and put a spark to your taste buds.

Shubham Juice & Shake

After eating classic Handi Paneer we were full and wanted to drink something exotic, something soul satisfying, so we headed towards Shubham Juice & Shake which is just next to Kapoor balle balle  we were looking at his shop’s list of juice and shakes they serve and got confused as there were many varieties of juices and shakes.

To reduce our choices of drinks we just asked the owner which is the best one out of all then he smiled and replied ‘all are best sir don’t worry about the taste, it will be good’ soon after that vote of trust, we ordered Butterscotch shake for myself and Shah ordered Pista-Badam Shake

Man after drinking the first sip of butterscotch shake I just smiled, as it was so yummy can’t express in words, he added cherry raisins and ice cream which just doubled the taste of the shake. So quickly check out my rating for this Juice and Shake Shop.

  1. Quality : 9/10
  2. Quantity : 8/10
  3. Ambiance : 5/10
  4. Affordability- 4/5
  5. Service : 6/10

So it was a great day for us as Brahmaputra market did not spoil our mood and made us happy after eating best in town street food. I would suggest you to visit this place and have these exotic finger-licking street food.

Address :- Brahmaputra market Maharishi Dayanand Marg, Sector 29, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303

So this is your Vogue Traveller reviewing street food of Noida, some more interesting experiences and stories about to come, for that do Subscribe my blog, Hit the thumbs-up button and keep commenting!! Cheers




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These small unorganised retail sectors need to focus more on their ambiance part because that is the only thing which segregate them from others…along with customer service…hope along with their advertisement you suggest them to work out on their ambiance and reconstruct their Visual Merchandise…

sure will keep in mind when I’ll visit these vendors..!! Thanks for your suggestion bro..!!

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