A Walking Trip to Old Delhi

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Welcome to my another blog post on the heart of Delhi which is, of course, the real Delhi founded by the maker of the Taj Mahal Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, During 17th Century Shah Jahan with her daughter Jahan Ara designed this place as a wholesale market for the people to buy all kinds of goods, so from then this place has its own significance in terms of oldest and busiest market of Delhi.

So this place attracts many visitors for being one of the best markets in India for shopping goods such as clothes, electronics, household items, exotic perfumes and you name it you will get everything over here  and also for authentic delicious street food from Parathas of Parathe Wali Gali  to Hotel Karim’s of Kababian Gali. 

old delhi market


This time, I along with my friend Prashant aka prashu 😛 was very yearning from inside to  visit Chandni Chowk of Old Delhi on the auspicious day of Dussehra. So we did not waste time on thinking whether to go or not  to one of the most rush places in Delhi and we boarded in a metro from Noida to Chandni Chowk metro station, it hardly took 45 min to reach our destination.

Real Buzz at Chandni Chowk

Indeed when you step out from the metro station of Chandni chowk, trust me you will feel the air which is way different from other places of the city and of course stepping out of the station the amazing buzz of vendors selling clothes, household goods in narrow streets of Chandni chowk is just astonishing.

So we stepped out from Gate No 1 and started our walking trip to old Delhi to explore the streets and buzz of this place. After some walking from the narrow streets, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel(street :P) and yeah after passing from that street you will see the real market and the buzz where vendors are shouting to attract customers and the roads are busy with battery vehicle’s and also it was the auspicious day of Dusheraa, so the locals told us to be careful with your wallets and cameras, some negative people can make use of this rush by cutting your pocket, so it was a great tip from the locals. So we were also hungry and wanted to eat something delicious from one of the oldest shop in old Delhi

So we were also hungry and wanted to eat something delicious from one of the oldest shop in old Delhi so locals told us this 76-year-old Natraj shop is famous for its flavorsome Dahi Bhalla (Curd  n fried Potato mix ) , so we tried to taste and trust me, it was one of the best Dahi BhallasI have eaten till date, go and have a try u will like it.

Langar at Gurudwara Sheesh Ganj Sahib

After walking towards Red Fort you will come across holy worship point of Sikh religion as Gurudwara Sheesh Ganj Sahib and also you will notice a great thing about this place that a two religions worship place is side by side a mosque and a gurudwara, this shows the unity of people and we were happy to see such a thing.

We entered the beautifully constructed Gurudwara, covered our head, removed our shoes, and washed our hand and feet and then entered the premises of God and bowed respectfully before the holy book of Sikhs Guru Granth and after eating holy prasad we got blessed and cherished our trip to this wonderful place. Later on, one must not forget to eat delicious holy Langar( holy food) you can see the picture of the mega kitchen where this awesome holy food is cooked. Here anyone can do service such as serving food, cleaning the floor of the holy place as it helps you to connect with god while doing helpful services.

Ramleela at the street of Chandni Chowk

This Ramleela show on street of old Delhi is not a regular day process for the locals it was just the auspicious day of Dussehra, so the Ramleela committee team of Delhi created this play on the roads of old Delhi from the story of Ramayana(Hindu Holy Book)

With Lord Hanuman

Ramlila is just a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama, ending up in the ten-day battle between Rama and Ravana, as described in the Hindu religious epic, the Ramayana.

So we were very lucky to watching Ramleela play. on the streets, where character of Lord Ram was fighting with Ravana, whole crowd got gathered chearing for the play the commitee put up.

So indeed it was a great day for both of us visiting old Delhi on the day of Dussehra was just Icing on the cake, so take my suggestion, do visit old Delhi with your friends or family and enjoy the buzz, eat great street food, and have holy Langar at Sheesh Ganj Gurudwara. and you will be delighted and blessed like us.

So this was my walking visit with my friend to Old Delhi streets would love listen your stories of your visit.

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