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Welcome to my another blog post on a place where spirituality is filled in everyone’s heart for the love of one of the great Sufi saints Nizamuddin Aulia , the dargah (mausoleum) of Nizamuddin Auliya is situated in the Nizamuddin west area of Delhi. Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah is also famous for wishes to come true, as it is believed that if you ask anything from your heart at this Dargah, Chishti Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya will definitely complete your Murad or ‘wish’. So the abilities and supernatural powers often attributed to him. Let’s take you through with my experience to this sacred place.hazrat nizamuddin dargah

                    Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah Entrance


It was Thursday evening, I along with my two close buddies, also editor of this blog Prashant and Shah decided to explore this place, we have heard so much about the dargah its epicness and also many Bollywood movies such as Rockstar of Ranbeer Kapoor, Bajrangi Bhaijan of Salman khan showcased the scenes of the Dargah, also the famous Qawwali (devotional Sufi music) Kun-Faya-Kun was shooted over there, so this roused our curiosity to visit this place on Thursday specifically (the day of Qawwali) for pure enchantment of the senses.

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We googled the nearest metro to reach the dargah, it was JLN Stadium Metro, we boarded from Noida Sec-15 and it took approx 45 minutes to reach the JLN metro and from there its 1.5 km walking distance to this holy tomb. We reached the Hazarat Nizamuddin Basti (Entrance path) which is also famous for its delicious Non-veg food from Motton curry to flavorsome Sewiyan , the vendors serve visitors exotic food also walking through the Gali you will find  the calligraphy and attar(perfume) shop, after some walking the entrance of the world famous Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah comes where the seller of chadar(holy cloth), rose petals, incense sticks ,attar (perfume) traded in the corner for visitors to buy and it’s a holy process to put a covering( chadar chadhna )over the dargah and shower rose petals, perfume over it.  So we also bought and removed our shoes and entered the dargah.

Entering the Dargah

Always do note some common points when visiting any dargah such as :- 

  • Cover your head with a scarf/cloth
  • Wash your hands and feet before entering.
  • Remove your shoes outside
  • Women are allowed to enter the premises but not inside the sanctum sanctorum
  • Beware of the pick pocketers

So following the above-mentioned tips and we entered the dargah, during entrance the cavernous lanes to the dargah was dotted with vendors selling religious offerings. We were pre-assembled with disposable plates stacked with incense sticks, rose petals and Attar(perfumed oil). After passing through those narrow lanes where needy people created their shelter we were so amazed to see the beautiful shrine, with huge crystal chandeliers also the magnificent aura inside the premises with exotic fragrance of attar and burned incense sticks, was creating this place a truly divine. We were speechless after seeing the Quranic inscriptions on the wall of the mausoleum.

It was crowded, hundreds of devotees were in queue with holy cloth, rose petals, to get inside the Dargah of great Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, to shower their offerings and getting blessed, we went inside the dargah to offer the chadar and side by side management was also showing us the right way to shower the offering.

After being blessed we came outside the mausoleum and saw several million red sacred threads( mannat ka dhaga) ties to the cutouts of the panel, therefore for the same reason, this place is known for the place where wishes come true. So we also tied a knot to it and asked something, which is just a secret 😉 .

The Melodious Qawwali

It was around 8pm we were waiting for Qawwali to begin and in the mean time we saw some management people with huge cooking pot entered the premises and offered food to the needy people inside the dargah, which just created a sense that whoever comes to the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia never goes hungry ! So we were very happy to see that. Later on, suddenly people started to gather in a disciplined formation, we had no idea what was going but soon someone told us it’s Namaz time (the ritual prayers prescribed by Islam) so we sat in front of the dargah waiting for melodious Qawwali as we were very much excited for that.

Around 9:10 pm the Maulvi of dargah instructed the management to create some space as there were many visitors sitting, and expectantly waiting for the breathtaking Qawwali performance by the Nizami brothers. Seeing them sing is an uplifting experience in itself.

Nizami brothers Qawwali

It was just the time when space created, beautiful carpet rolled on the floor and a crew of 6 people in lavishing white Kurta pajama with harmonium seated just in front of the dargah, at that time everyone was so excited all eyes and ears were towards them.

At the start of Qawwali few beats of tabla synchronized with harmonium damm..seriously it was like heaven on earth, so soul satisfying cannot express in words. The atmosphere was quite surreal. Mystical music sending ripples across everyone’s soul , they started with “Allah hu Allah hu” and ended with “Khwaja mere Khawaja” song of the movie Jodhaa Akbar , back to back 4-5 Sufi songs electrified the atmosphere, we suddenly started feeling goosebumps. Yes, music is indeed a connect with the almighty. The aura of the words and the music is beyond words. It was just incredible listening Nizami brothers is an uplifting experience in itself. Listening Qawwali live is just mesmerizing experience with that around 10:20 pm qawwali ended. And we started backtracking towards the gate. This experience here at Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah will be going to remain forever in our heart and it also created an urge for us to visit this place frequently to connect ourself with the almighty.

So I hope after reading my incredible experience you will surely want to visit this place soon, for that I have some few tips that you must follow.

Quick Tips

  • You need to remove your shoes and cover your head before entering the Dargah.
  • Females are not allowed to enter the main shrine.
  • To attend the qawwali, reach the Dargah by 7:00 pm on Thursday as it gets crowded.
  • Nearest Railway Station :- Hazrat Nizamuddin.
  • Nearest Metro Station : – JLN Stadium.
  • Dressing sleeveless tops and shorts are a big no.
  • Ladies should bring dupattas/scarves.
  • There are many hotels near Nizamuddin, therefore, staying nearby is not a big deal.
  • Footwear is not allowed inside – many shopkeepers will volunteer to keep these for you in return you buy holy offering from them.

Address :- Old Nizamuddin Bazaar, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi

I hope after reading you will reach to this beautiful place and remember to visit on Thursday ( Night of Qawwali) to satisfy your soul after listening great Sufi songs and personally want to thank my close buddies Prashant and Shah for being with me on that incredible Thursday evening.

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