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Have you ever experienced Rajasthan culture their delicious authentic cuisine? or you are missing home in Rajasthan, then here you are with the most popular destination near outskirts of Delhi Chokhi Dhani is a full-fledged one-stop destination for all the cultural and food lovers. It is an ethnic Rajasthani theme-based entertainment village spread over 1.25 acres of land, delighting visitors with fun filled entertainment and showcasing the real Rajasthani culture.

beautiful traditional painting
  Beautiful Traditional Painting at Chokhi Dhani

Evening at Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat

This time I along with my relatives uncle, aunt ,brother in law, sister in law planned to visit this place on a beautiful Sunday evening, we have heard much about this place but never experienced, So were quite excited as the name signifies whole Rajasthani culture at one place with authentic delicious Rajasthani cuisine. We started our journey from Gurugram formerly known Gurgaon via car, we left at 4 in the noon, to avoid weekend traffic as it was a long journey of about 60 km and with good music, funny talks we didn’t even realize how the time went by as we reached the spot at 6:30pm and parked our car.

We stepped down and saw the beautiful statues of Rajasthani men welcoming the visitors and during entrance at the premises a person with traditional Rajasthani clothing will do tilak (mark worn usually on the forehead) with greetings as by saying welcome in Rajasthani language Ram Ram Saa/Sethani Saa, we were glad to get such a grand reception 🙂 .

They had all the antiques as a showcase, that our grandparents would have used such as  radio, vessels, charkha, beautiful paintings on the wall showcasing the traditional Indian culture. During entrance, they charged us Rs 600/per person including food and everything, which is worth the cost

Khamma Ghani Sa Padharo Maare des

Yeah, with that welcoming slogan we entered the beautiful paradise of Rajasthani culture where everyone was wearing the traditional clothes Kurta with Pagdi on head, ladies dressed in Ghaghara  and as a starter they served us with Jaljira Water and Kadhi Kachori, and of course, it was very delicious. We moved forward to see what’s makes this place so special for the visitors. We witnessed the dance of amazing dancers with whole traditional dress and fire overhead dance was incredible.

We moved forward to see a little boy doing incredible stuff with hollow circular disc and visitors appreciated his skills by clapping for him, we then reached to the most interesting part head massage damn it was relaxing.

Snake Charming and The Puppet Show

On moving forward there were 3 -4 Sage were sitting with flute in their hand so we analyzed that it is the time to see Snake Charming, the welcomed us in their traditional ways and then started the melodious tone we call it ‘Nagin tone’ to showcase snake dance, soon within minutes the snake came out from a wooden box and started dancing on Nagin tone and we all were amazed to see this act of hypnotizing the snake.

Then there was Puppet show also 2 fellows called us inside for seating then they started the very funny puppet show we laughed so much truly that was awesome skills, so by watching all these we were like yes our evening is becoming great and very enjoyable. We clicked Selfies, picture with traditionally dressed people.

Magic Show and the Rajasthani food

This was the best part of the evening the Magic Show, a man from a village nearby Jaisalmer came here to showcase his incredible magic tricks, with a great etiquette he called visitors allowed them to sit in front and told them to open the flashlights of their mobile phone to create a trust among people that all his tricks are authentic, and told everyone to watch it very carefully to crack the trick. So we all were ready and he started the show we were starting the movement of his hand but damn he was so experienced with his tricks that we were shocked how did he do that ! I mean yes he was showing tricks like exiting Iron balls from his mouth, Amazing stuff. You can watch the video of that right here 🙂

With all the fun filled games such as bursting balloons with guns, tractor ride, Camel Safari and more. It was time to taste the world famous Marwari cuisine,  we entered a big hall where we were asked to sit on mattresses on floor , 9-10 people were ready to serve the food, as we sat they started serving food on dry leaf plate and we were served somewhere around 8-12 dishes with famous names included daal bhaati, jaipuri kadi, gatta jodhpuri, Butter milk (Chaach) , also traditional pickle. After seeing this flavorsome authentic food without wasting time we started and seriously I have never tasted this much delicious Rajasthani food  before the aroma was great. Then they also greeted us with their Pagdis to capture good memorable images.

So this was it with the warm hospitality over there we felt so special, it was truly home away from home or you can say a mini Rajasthan. To spend a fun filled evening with your loved ones this is a must visit place on NH1 and also the best picnic spot.

Address :- 64th Milestone, NH-1, Ganaur, Sonipat, Haryana.

Opening Hours :- 5Pm to 11Pm.

Nearest Metro :- Jahangirpuri metro station.

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Chokhi Dhani is a full-fledged one-stop destination for all the cultural and food lovers. It is an ethnic Rajasthani theme-based entertainment village spread over 1.25 acres of land