World Aids Day | 5 things you should know about HIV/AIDS

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World Aids Day – December 1, 2016

People always changes the topic when they are discussing HIV/AIDS to their elders because of the fear that it is related to SEX or simple ignorance and misunderstandings about scientific knowledge regarding HIV infections. So first thing first let just clear our basics.

What is HIV/AIDS ? Difference between HIV and AIDS?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that attacks and weakens the body’s immune system, allowing infections to develop, whereas AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, is an advanced stage of infection with the HIV or you can say it is a condition or a syndrome. So yes there is a difference, HIV can lead to the development of AIDS , So you can have HIV without developing AIDS, and also many people live for many years with HIV without ever developing AIDS. But if you have AIDS, you have to have HIV.

Now lets us just discuss 5 major things you should know about HIV/AIDS.

1. Casual Contact Does Not Cause HIV

Yes, it’s true there is a big myth among youngsters that HIV is caused by casual contact such as Hand Shaking, Eating with the affected person, Sneezing or Coughing, Sharing food, using public toilets, bites from mosquitoes,Kissing,Hugging. But the fact is HIV never gets transmitted from one person to another by the above methods it is only spread through unprotected sex, shared/reused needles, or tattoos created with unsterilized equipment or any method by which there is a mixing of blood between two bodies.

Fact Kissing And Hugging Does not cause AIDS

2. Be Careful anyone can be infected with HIV

Now you know what are the ways by which someone can get infected with this virus but also remember that it can happen to anyone – men, women, children, and people who are gay or straight, young or old. According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO) that there are 34 million people across the globe is infected with this virus and 2.8 million new HIV infection per year. So always take precautions and focus on regular medical checkup as prevention is better than cure.

3. The inception of AIDS can take up 10 years

Yes, it’s true the formation of AIDS can take up to 10 years from the time of formation of HIV virus, so a person can remain healthy for a longer period without knowing that he/she is infected  but later the stage of the virus can cause some serious problems. Always carry out full body checkup to know that you healthy or not, not only for HIV but for any other disease also.

Share and Support World Aids Day 2016
Share and Support World Aids Day 2016

4. HIV positive person can have normal child

Yes with the advent of new technology in medical sciences a mother can born a normal uninfected baby if proper care is being carried out then the advanced medication helps in preventing the transmission of the virus from mother to child.  Therefore a proper care and advice during pregnancy can help you to have a normal child.

5. Your Compassion and Support Needed  and Educate Others

Being HIV/AIDS infected does not mean the end of life, reports says infected people also lived normal and longer life. However, they need your support, counseling , and medical care. Support and Counselling are necessary so that they quickly start necessary treatment, you love and compassion can help them not to worry about their illness and also provides the meaningful strength to fight this chronic disease.
So finally you can spread awareness, educate others about precautions to take, symptoms and diagnosis of the virus. You can also educate them about not to discriminate infected people, in fact, they deserve your compassion and support.


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