Top 10 Beer Available in India under Rs 250

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Beer the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink, from ancient days to present day, beer is the only drink that is widely consumed drink after water and tea. During happiness or sad time, beer is always ready to uplift your mood.

Beer used to be brewed at home before the advancement of machines, but now brewery machines have made the process easy and many famous brands such as Heineken, Corona, Kingfisher etc has also led to an advancement in beer technology.

All Beer Brands in one


Beer goes perfectly well with traveling, a little booze will keep your mind calm and cheerful, All of us had a beer once in a lifetime but few loves its strong hoppy flavors. So let’s take you to the world of beer, Top 10 beer available in India under Rs 250, check out the list from 10 to 1.

10. Corona Beer

The Mexican brand is one of the top-selling beers worldwide around 170 countries. The title sponsor of the LPGA Tour tournament Corona Championship, Corona has held its position overseas greatly and in India Restaurants, Bars, Pubs has a great demand for this beer, as being the light beer it is quite famous among females.

Corona Beer worldclass beer

Price: 355ml beer cost Rs. 240/- and onwards

9. Kings Beer

The famous Viiking Group acquired brand Kings beer is solely Indian brand famous in Goa, Maharashtra. Due to its cheap rates it has become favorite among tourists visiting Goa. It is just having 4.85% of alcohol content hence a great demand in southwestern part of India.

Kings Beer Goa

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 40/- and onwards

8. Godfather

It is one of the strongest beer and top selling beer in the Northern part of India, has a smooth full bodied flavor with 7.5% of alcohol it is quite in demand among bus/truck driver to remove their tiredness. We can also call it as a ‘Baap of all beers

Strongest Beer in India

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs 90/- 

7. Kalyani Black Label Beer

Kalyani Black Label comes from the house of Bangalore-based famous firm United Breweries, which also makes Kingfisher. Being unheard by most of us, this beer is a must taste, with its 2 class version premium and strong this beer is also giving a tough competition to other brands. Famous in Delhi, Kolkata.

Kalyani Black Label Beer

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards

6. Carlsberg Beer

This is a premium class beer, most demanding beer in clubs and restaurants across the globe. From 1847 to present date the Carlsberg has achieved a milestone in the domain of liquor. With its classy green color bottle and a range of club glasses, this beer gives you the smooth sensation of bitterness.

Carlsberg light beer

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards

5. Heineken Beer

If you are looking for a light beer with less amount of alcohol quantity in it the this must be your first choice Heineken Lager Beer is quite famous in International market and now in India, the dutch based factory produces this specific item with a maximum of 5 % alcohol amount in the total content. It comes in the premium range of beer.

Heineken Beer world famous

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards

4. Haywards Beer

Despite being the strongest and bitter in taste, this beer holds a great market in India among beers. Most famous in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar region of India. Haywards is the most iconic beer brand and is appreciated by millions of consumers all across India. The Range starts from the name Haywards 5000 then comes Hayward 10000 which is much stronger.

Best selling beer in India

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 65/- and onwards

3. Budweiser Beer

Discover the premium taste of American brewer brand Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser beer is legend throughout the world and has grown as the largest selling beer in the United States. In India, people watching football matches in clubs their first choice of beer is Budweiser.

Budweiser Beer premium class

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 110/- and onwards 

2. Tuborg Beer

Yes, Tuborgh holds the second place in the list, as this is the most selling beer in India. Tuborg’s name has become known throughout the world for its exceptional quality and refreshing taste. They have their two range one is the light green which is a light beer and secondly Tuborg Strong, which is, of course, the strongest one.

Tuborg logo

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 65/- and onwards

1. Kingfisher Beer

No need to explain, the world famous Kingfisher beer is one of the top most leading beer brands in India. Most liked by Indians because of its fine taste, good price. The product is manufactured by United Breweries, The King of Good Times is dominating the market as an undisputed leader.

kingfisher strong beer

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards

So this is it the top 10 brands in India which are leading in beer, I hope this will ease your choice to which brand to prefer when you are planning to booze with friends.

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