20 Reasons Why Life in India is Awesome

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India land of stories, land of cultures in short land of art, languages, music, temples, festivals, history, religion, food and much more. Life in India is never boring you go out anywhere in this country a real buzz among people some are busy in doing their work, children going school, politics at tea points, the sound of the temple bell, busy roads, delicious food, and interesting local languages. With thousands of reasons here are mine 20 Reasons why life in India is Awesome.

1) Temples at every corner

Temples in IndiaIf you are a deist then India will be awesome for you as there are so many famous temples for every religion respectively. Golden Temple, Badrinath Temple, Konark Sun Temple, Khajuraho Temple Akshardham Temple Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah, Somnath temple, Siddhi Vinayak temple and the list goes on.

2.) Paradise for food lovers

Dosa in IndiaFor food lovers, India is a paradise nothing beats Indian food, Starting from pakoras, puri-sabzi, Jalabi, samosas, momos, dosa, dal batti, kadhi rice, kebab, paneer and so much more. Every culture has its own authentic recipe as India is also known as the land of Spices.

3.) Interesting Sights Everywhere

Smiling FaceIn India you will surely find Interesting sights everywhere in the country as playing cricket in the park, talking with birds, different subcultures, etc. A lot of fun discovering about them.

4.) Delicious Sweets

Kaju Katli SweetMy mouth waters when I think of Indian sweets as there are thousands of varieties of sweets in India some are Jalabi, Rabri, Rasmalai, Rasgulla, Rajbhog, Ghewar, Maysorpagg, Balushai, Chamcham, Kajukatli. Amazing isn’t it?

5.) Paradise for Shopaholics

lajpat nagar marketIn this country, you will find endless shopping points which fit every budget. Some of the famous cloth markets in New Delhi is Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, etc. Here you can find local dresses, wedding dresses, anything you desire of to wear.

6.) Interesting Weddings.

Indian Beautiful BrideIn India, wedding is like a festival, there is so much liveliness as people are dancing, the bride is getting ready is sparkling red Lehga, joyous mood everywhere. This is the best part in India, weddings are really attractive.

7.) Traveling in Indian Railway

Indian Railways PassengerIndian Railways is just awesome, thousands of people traveling from one place to another, scenes at stations are just incredible, from the luxury of 1st class to general coaches there is something for everyone.

8.) Busy Streets

busy streets of IndiaStreets of Chandni chowk in Old Delhi are just incredible, one can easily be been circulating in those streets and possibly after a trip, you will reach the same destination. So this is also an interesting part as real buzz can be seen over there.

9) No language Barrier

Languages in India Vogue TravellerAs in India, face expressions are mostly used with words by the people hence there is less language barrier but still one can easily communicate his thoughts with expressions or by using universal language English.

10.) Street Dogs

delhi street dogsThere is a huge population of street dogs in India, and street dogs has their own areas divided as another dog from another area cannot come to their place otherwise, there will be a dog WWE 😛

11.) Land of Festivals

In India every month there is for sure 2 -3 festivals will occur, and which also becomes a reason for calling colleagues, family members wishing them. Famous festivals such as Dewali, Holi, Eid, Pongal, Dussehra, Navratri, Gurupurab and much more.

12.) Magnificent Architecture

Indian-Monuments-Beautiful Monuments of IndiaFor Travelers, India is the best place to explore history, Magnificient Architecture such as Beautiful Taj Mahal, Humayun Tomb, Sanchi Stupa, Kutub Minar, Jama Masjid, and much more. 


13.) Tea of India

Tea CornerTea in this country is a habit and which is no longer leaving its people as tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in India, you will find tea shop at every corner. Famous tea is of Darjeeling and Assam.

14.) Golgappa or Phulki

Golgappa in IndiaIf you love this countries street food then Golgappa or Phulki are the most awesome street food at every corner you will find a “Golgappe vale bhaiya” serving delicious crispy golgappas to the people.

15.) Beautiful Rajasthani Culture

eautiful Rajhasthani CultureBPadharo Mare DeshRajasthan is the heritage of the country as the different culture, delicious food, generous people, beautiful dresses. Therefore, as the tagline suggests ‘Jane kya dikh Jai’ The unusual-ness of Rajasthan and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

16.) Beaches in Goa

Goa Beach Vogue TravellerBeaches in Goa are just heaven on earth, beautiful blue sky, Bluewater, everyone has come here for chilling, party mood everywhere, peace all around. Goa is a must visit for every traveler.

17.) Learn Yoga for free

Yoga in Park Vogue TravellerIn India, wake up early and go inside a park you will surely find old people doing yoga and just join them they will be happy to teach you and your health is going to be improved. Great isn’t it..!!

18.) Indian Saare

Saree PaintingThis is the only dress of females that is worn everywhere in the country. Indian Saare is an emotional one for women as this keeps their pride, honor. This is the best dress in which every woman look elegant. Famous ones are of Banaras as Banarsi saree.

19.) Old Monk in Winter and Kingfisher in Summers

Best beerpictureAlcohol is mostly consumed beverages in India, as in winters preferable choice is Old Monk Rum and Beer goes on all seasons and Kingfisher being the highest selling brand in India

20.) Seasons of India

Rainy Season in IndiaTraditionally India, notes 6 seasons, each about 2 months long such as Winter, Autumn, Summer, Monson, and prevernal season. So India and its Seasons are just phenomenal. Every season has its own significance.

So, these were my 20 Reasons why life in India is Awesome, there are thousands of reasons as this country is just Incredible as its tagline suggests Incredible India (अतुल्य भारत).

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