5 Trips You Must Take in Your 20’s Instead of Wasting Time on Tinder

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A fresh place gets added up every time whenever a story is heard. When you made a wish list, try not to step back from it afterward because trips cannot be planned very easily when you are in a busy schedule. You have to create the best of each moment you get, each breath you can take.

Let’s Check out 5 trips you must take in your 20’s instead of wasting time on Tinder 

Rohtang Pass- Manali

Rohtang Pass Manali

It is a high mountain emblem consisting of a natural divide between the valley of Kullu and the arid high-altitude Lahaul and Spiti valleys. The word ‘Rohtang’ means ‘a pile of corpses’ due to a very large number of people will die while crossing the pass due to very bad weather. It is one of the popular tourist destination as well as serves as the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti district as well as Leh. No wonder the towering peaks and the verdant terrain of Manali attracts the adventure travelers, with heli-skiing, hiking, mountaineering and river rafting the famous wooden Hidimba Devi Temple, which sits in the central of a nearby deciduous forest, or take a medicinal immerse in the hot springs bubbling from the ground a 30-minute walk from the town. You can enjoy a lot in Manali.

Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan 

Haunted Fort Bhangarh

If the horror movies are your favorite one, then this place is definitely the right place for you. It is among the scariest places all over India. Bhangarh in Rajasthan is the most unrestricted places across India. No one is allowed in the time of night in this place as it can be very dangerous for the people who enter this place in the night time. This, however, doesn’t stop the people from visiting this ghost town. It especially attracts the people who have the desire to see the ghost ones in their lifetime.

Andaman Island (scuba diving)

Scuba Diving..!!


This is one of the best things to do if you are afraid of water. You can beat the fear out of yourself completely, get encouraged by the ZNMD and simply jump in. you will definitely get a new as well as great experience out of the world. The sights which are under the water are completely breathtaking as well as adventurous.


Sikkim land of peace

In accumulation to exploring, some calm is quite necessary. Sikkim’s monasteries are for all those persons who would love to be calm and live in peace, while on a break. If people like it there, you can also offer to the monks there, and practice the art of giving. A solo trip is actually important when you are in your time period of the 20s because it helps you a lot in self-consideration. You can spend the time with yourself, and also discover new and sometimes, odd things about yourself.

Leh – Jammu Kashmir

Leh Jammu

Leh experience is completely a different task to do. You can sleep with the citizens under the beautiful open sky and shining stars, whilst on this daring trip with the winding roads, mountains, and also a risk of getting wedged in the central of nowhere. It is a once in the lifetime practice, for sure. The Leh road trip is the most heroic road trip to be started with your friends. The eventual 20s road trip, the Leh highway is everyone among the bikers’ is the favorites route. Many of the bikers explore the roads with their cameras too so that they can capture all the moments in the video. Be it single backpackers or a band of friends, this is one trip you must take in your 20s. You can completely enjoy your life in Leh.

Life is Beautiful Though you must travel and learn different cultures their tradition instead of sitting at home accessing Tinder 😛 So move as there is a lot to explore.

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