5 Beautiful Islands In India For An Unforgettable Escape to Ecstasy

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For many of the people, the island is for the water sports, seashore parties as well as meeting new populace. For some it is the dream place for hectic days, hanging hammocks and a nice book. And for the rest, it is about long walks, beautiful sunsets, and equally delightful sunrises.

Find Out These 5 Beautiful Islands In India For An Unforgettable Escape to Ecstasy..!!

1) Majuli Island

Majuli Island

Majuli Island is one of the vast river islands in the world and subsequently in India. The most prodigious of all the islands across India, this spot is quite well-known for its beautiful sunrises and impressive sunsets. You will get a consciousness of Province culture here too. Out of all the islands of India, this one is the most exceptional one. You will insight the moss instead of soil on its coast and transitional northeastern preparation as an alternative of the seafood. On the other hand, it will prove to be an experience worth the entire voyage.

Majuli is a place for flora and fauna, harboring many rare and scarce fauna species including migratory birds that reach their destination in the wintry weather.  The flora and fauna found here are the larger adjutant stork, Siberian crane as well as the whistling teal. The island is almost contamination free owing to the lack of polluting industries and factories and also the chronic rainfall.

The best time to visit in Majuli Island is October to December.

2) Diu Island

Diu Island

This tiny island of India has traces of Portuguese culture infused in it. The architectural exquisiteness and calmness can stun you to a dreamlike world. The beautiful beaches along with the tropical seafood with a dash of Gujarati influence will make it differ from other islands in India. And the most interesting part, alcohol is officially authorized here, unlike in Gujarat!

The best time to visit in Diu Island is October to January.

3) Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island is one of the unusual destinations in the Andaman Islands. Though this island is not so much a popular tourist spot it contains many alluring seashores. It is one of the most attractive islands in India, and it is perfect for those who love nature in its raw form. For a budgeted, this is the preferable island in India for the honeymoon. It would not be a conventional one, but an unforgettable one, nevertheless.

In December to February it would be more pleasant time to spend.

4)  Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands

Beautiful Lakshadweep Islands is a group of 36 palm-laden coral islands. This group is the nominal island in India. The extraordinary beauty and fairly untouched ambiance can beat any amount of anxiety that you had prior to your visit.

Due to its isolation and picturesque appeal, Lakshadweep was already known as a visitor attraction for Indians since 1974. This brings in important revenue, which is likely to increase. As a small region it cannot support industries, the government is vigorously promoting the tourism as a means of revenue in Bangaram and Kadmat islands. A government has also planned to set the two traditions approval check-in offices so that the visitors can directly visit these islands as an alternative to getting the permission from nearby customs office in Kochi, which is 260 naval miles from these islands. This is the minimum customs offices in India. Tourism is anticipated to get the large boost after this as this island lived on one of the busiest tour ways.

Best time to visit: October – May

5) Great Nicobar Island

Great Nicobar Island

The Great Nicobar Island is one of the biggest islands across India. It’s crystal fresh water will tempt you to obtain a dip as well as let go of your inhibition. Incredible flora and fauna of this site make it a little world of its own. This is one of the superlative islands in India; this place is ideal for a small vacation through your family or your partner.

The particular island of Sumatra has settled 180 km to the southern side of the Great Nicobar. Th e Nicobar island covers 921 km2 but is lightly inhabited, with a populace of 8067, largely being sheltered by rain forest as well as known for its varied wildlife.

Best time to visit: February – June

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