5 Best Fun Activities and Things to Do in Noida

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Noida is considered as one of the biggest Corporate Hub as locals and outsiders came from various cities to do Job and thus there should be the point of enjoyment and for the same find out these 5 Best Fun Activities and Things to Do in Noida.

1) Smaash Dlf mall of India

Smaash Noida

Smaash Dlf mall in Noida opens at 11 AM in morning and closes at about 11 PM at night. Usually people the love the food such as Sunday Brunch, Nachos, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Beer, Dal Makhani, Spring Roll, Chilli Chicken Tartlets. It consists of North Indian, Thai, Continental cuisines which cost for two people approx Rs.1350 but the Vat and service tax has extra charges apart from this. You feel great at Virtual Reality Games, Bowling Alley, Dj when you visit this mall. Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar Available, Kid Friendly, Wifi, Gaming Area, Serves Cocktails, Live Sports Screening, Gastro Pub are some of the main highlights of Smaash Dlf mall.

Cricket at Smaash Costs Rs 500 for 15 Min.

2) Ski India Dlf mall of India

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Ski India offer their visitor a various kind of Skiing occurrence and an array of assemblage games. Ski India ticket includes all the activities which are performed in the snow such as Ski, Sledging, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Caves Frozen Walk Through, Igloo and the Snow gears similar to Jackets, Hood, Gloves, Boots, Ice Skating Shoes, Ski and Ski Sticks. The ticket of Ski India cost about Rs. 1150 including all the taxes. Ski India, the undertaking of this quality promises to attract and involve the world’s eye. This specific concept is contrived to be user-friendly holding the inner space temperature at about -10°C to -15°C to experience the great Snowfall all year around.

Tickets at SkiIndia – Rs 1150/ per Person

3) Decathlon Store

Decathlon Store

Decathlon is the well-known sports store in the entire world, has gaping in Noida some of the months back. It’s the store with A-Z sports object except for the ice skating tools. Apart from the cosmetic and conservative sports goods in the Decathlon Noida, comfy environment, such as Alice in Wonderland, 24×7 water refrigerator for individual playing basketball, adult sports events and at times offering free work for particular sports, such as archery. Decathlon sports store contradicts the explicit fact, as they’re not just making you play for free of cost but also hosting the sports events to modify sports consciousness in India. The exclusive business scheme which brings back the client is the fast service from Smiling Staff, Artificial Equipment acquirable for all, exigent reviews from the sports pros and the experts.

Go Decathlon Store for all Sports Equipment to buy

4) Worlds of Wonder Water and Amusement Park

Worlds of Wonder Water

Worlds of Wonder is the world-class amusement park with a deep assortment of attractions. They have about 20 themed rides and also five themed restaurants which are one of the main attraction. If you love getting marshy, don’t miss out the Rain Dance which is one of the indoor dance floors with the lights and a rain system which provides the demonstration of warm water, organize to the music. In the Worlds of Wonder in Noida, you can completely enjoy both dry rides as well as water rides. The Water Park is the perfect place for a holiday for the entire family. It costs about 500 to 1500 according to your package which you are choosing.

Ticket Pricing at Worlds of Wonder: – It costs about 500 to 1500 according to your package which you are choosing.

  5) Bharamaputra Market for Shopping and Street Food

North Indian food

Brahmaputra market is popularly famous as the BP market, is an enmeshed line of shops where you can do shopping, and also a region for the street food lovers. It comes up to life in the evening time, when tons of marketer set up their stalls outside the selling shops and contains each and everything from amazing gol gappas to divine kebabs. It’s Noida’s interpretation of Chandni Chowk, which is the only place where the crowd is quite less. There are best four courses, street food menu which you can try when you visit the BP market. Ahead of anything, start up the day with the juice from any of the local stalls which you can see around you.

Food Starting from Rs 20 – Rs 500..!!  

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