Some Cool Things To Do This Independence Day

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Coming up for the month of August, you will plausibly notice the explosive splash of green, orange as well as white displayed everywhere in the form banners, flags and spectacular strewn across and above several streets of Delhi Because it’s our 71st independence day of India.

Especially on the main roads, on which the government assigns quite the budget to embellish every year.

For this event, Indians have a number of activities traditionally done during this celebration. There are many of the ideas on how to join in the fun and even get to know one of the most exhilarating celebrations in India. It is unquestionably one of the great chance to experience one of the country’s most famed custom.

Let’s take a look at some cool things to do this Independence Day..!!

Long weekend special- Delhi

Long weekend delhi

Delhi is the place where one can explore a number of places and can enjoy their weekend as well. If you are desperately looking up for any short vacation, then the long Independence Day weekend render you the chance to pack up your bags and move ahead for the holiday terminus of your own choice. This year, Independence Day falls on Tuesday as well as Janmashtami also falls on the same day. If you are curious to look up heritage, discipline, culture or you just want to chill in the lap of the mother nature, there are many of the options for those wanting to go for a holiday. This long weekend totally refreshes you from your daily life.

Breakfast Ride with the Rolling Twoos

breakfast ride

You could spend this day of the month on an implicit fun breakfast ride with some of the amazing friends of you. There can’t be any of the better ways to start this Freedom Month, journey through NH1. Getaway from the city, catch up on some of the outstanding riding stories all over breakfast and get ready for the amusing long weekend which lies ahead. This ride makes you feel amazing as during the morning time it looks too beautiful.

More Details of the Event Visit breakfast ride with the rolling twoos events page.

Nation Salute Ride

nation salute ride

Consolidation for a courageous salute with a ride, the Royal Mavericks is organizing the Nation Salute Ride for all the vainglorious Royal Enfield riders. A ride of an approximative 60 kilometer, early morning on 15th August, the riders will be set up to the mark salute along the Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat, also the Geeta Colony, Pushta road as well as Kashmiri Gate. All the riders will meet up at Indraprastha Millennium Park, at Gate No 1, situated near Sarai Kaley Khan Bus Terminal, for a quick informing about the entire ride and a time of breakfast after some time. A number of registration fees is Rs. 300.

Kite flying – Kite Club India

independence day kite

kite flying is one of the superb activity which is enjoyed by kids, teenagers as well as adults too. Make your day with full of fun, colorful as well as happy with the help of flying kites with some of the famous Kite flyers who have described India in many of the International Kite celebration. This activity is quite popular and also along with this the kite making is another activity which is quite entertaining and enjoyed by almost all age group of people. There is no age limit to enjoy this activity.

More Details of the Event Visit Kite Club India Official Page

Gurgaon Independence Day Special Ride

indepedence day ride bike

Some other fun event for your Independence day morning is the Independence Day special ride. Catch out some of the astonishing sights of the city, packed with the national events as well as patriotic crowds going about preparation for the day. This ride starts up at 6:00 AM in the morning. A contestant is required to be on a particular dress code.

More Details of the Event Visit Independence Day Special Ride

Vogue Traveller Wishing you a Very Happy Independence Day in Advance..!! Cheers Enjoy Your Independence.