10 Best Veg. and Non-Veg. Restaurants in Lucknow

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While many places in Lucknow offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, These 10 best restaurants are a great surprise for Veg. and non-vegetarian people.

We have divided into 5 vegs. Restaurant and 5 Non-Veg Restaurants:

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Lucknow

1. Baati Chokha Restaurant

Baati Chokha Restaurant; Baati Chokha Restaurant;
Bati Chokha Restaurant

A Bati Chokha lover of pure happiness who resides at Bati Chokha is indeed an enjoyable experience. Together with Chokha, Dal Tadka, Kheer, you can try Sattu Bati, Paneer Bati.

Address: 2/5, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Near–Mithaiwala Chauraha, Lucknow, UP 226010

2. Madhurima Restaurant

Madhurima Restaurant; Madhurima Restaurant Menu;
Madhurima Restaurant

The Madhurima Sweets offers a range of multi-cuisines for vegetarians. The restaurant serves them all from Lakhnavi chaat to Poori Sabji, South Indian dishes to North Indian thalis.

Address: 2, Railway Station Rd, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, LKO, UP 226010

3. Green Restaurant

Green Restaurant in Lucknow; Green Restaurant; Green Restaurant Menu
Green Restaurant

This restaurant is renowned for its vegetarian delicacies and fantastic atmosphere. You must try your Paneers and tasty Indian sweets for authentic tastes.

Address: Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Near Neelkanth Sweets, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

4. Moti Mahal Restaurant

Moti Mehal Restaurant; Moti Mehal Restaurant in Lucknow; Moti Mehal Restaurant Menu;
Moti Mehal Restaurant

You certainly know this place if you’re a Lucknowite. Moti Mahal is still a popular destination for older generations and is always hustling and crowded. Tasty cookies, chaat, kulfi, and other delicious food can be enjoyed.

Address: No.75, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Sushanpura, Hazratganj, next to Central Bank of India, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001

5. Shree Rajbhog Restaurant

Shree Rajbhog Restaurant; Shree Rajbhog Restaurant in Lucknow; Shree Rajbhog Restaurant Menu
Shree Rajbhog Restaurant

Shree Rajbhog is a restaurant that serves delicious Rajasthani thalis in Lucknow, a gateway to Rajasthan. Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, Bajre ki Roti, Rajasthani Dal, and authentic dessert are definitely to be found in your thali.

Address: Vikrant Khand, Gomti Nagar, Near Ranjees Alpha Tower, Lko, UP 226010

Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurant in Lucknow

1. Tunday Kababi Restaurant

Tunday Kababi Restaurant; Tunday 
Kababi Restaurant in Lucknow; Tunday Kababi Restaurant Menu
Tunday Kababi Restaurant

That’s one of the reasons Lucknow’s well-known. As its name suggests, it is renowned for its paratha kebab. Not only are their kebabs famous in this era, but they are also ancestors of Nawabs’ royal kitchens.

Address: 168/6, Mohan Market, Khayali Ganj, Aminabad, Old Nazirabad Rd, Lko, UP 226018

2. Mubeen’s Restaurant

Mubeen's Restaurant; Mubeen's Restaurant in Lucknow; Mubeen's Restaurant Menu
Mubeen’s Restaurant

Mubeen cuisine is a combination of modern and traditional roots. The delicious food and exotic drinks would certainly stimulate the senses of everyone. With roofed ceilings and sleek architecture,

Address: Opt. Akbari Gate, Chowk, Ek Minara Masjid, Lucknow, UP 226003

3. Kareem’s Restaurant

Mubeen's Restaurant Menu; Mubeen's Restaurant in Lucknow; Mubeen's Restaurant
Kareem’s Restaurant

This place is one of Lucknow’s favorites due to the warm and friendly atmosphere with an authentic service. They serve many types of Mughlai non-vegetarian dishes that are much more than watering the mouth.

Address: 2/1 Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar, Near Mithai Wala Chauraha, Lko, UP 226010

4. Royal Sky Restaurant

Royal Sky Restaurant; Royal Sky Restaurant in Lucknow; Royal Sky Restaurant Menu
Royal Sky Restaurant

The Royal Sky atmosphere is one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city of Lucknow. The young people in Lucknow enjoy hanging out with their gang at this spot. The main course includes a wide range of vegetable and non-vegetable foods like the ultimate and traditional Biryani, Chicken Mirch Masala, and Mutton Reehra.

Address: 1st Floor Hazratganj, Opposite Halwasiya Market, Lucknow, UP 226001

5. The Urban Dhaba Restaurant

The Urban Dhaba Restaurant; The Urban Dhaba Restaurant in Lucknow; The Urban Dhaba Restaurant Menu;
The Urban Dhaba Restaurant

If you are searching for a genuine Awadhi Biryani in Lucknow. The wonderful dishes from the Murg handi biryani or the Hyderabadi Murg Biryani make this restaurant one of best in Lucknow just at the door and enjoy the hot n-spicy Biryani at your comfort.

Address: 3/187, First Floor, Above Spencer’s, Gomti Nagar, Vivek Khand 3, Lko, UP 226010

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