10 Food Festivals in India That You Just Can’t Afford To Miss

Everybody is coming for you at various food festivals in India from scrumptious food to healthy beverages to groovy music to a comfortable atmosphere. Enthusiastic to learn? Here!  show my preferred list of some of India's leading food festivals.
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A better way to feel India’s culture than to try its wide range of cuisine. Now we all know how enormous India is and every state and city can not be visited for a culinary experience literally. Everybody is coming for you at various food festivals in India from scrumptious food to healthy beverages to groovy music to a comfortable atmosphere. Enthusiastic to learn? Here!  show my preferred list of some of India’s leading food festivals.


Here is the list of Food Festivals in India Where you can experience different varieties of food.

1. Goa Food Cultural Festival

Goa Food Cultural Festival

Goa is known to be one of India’s best destinations. And the Goa-Food-Cultural Festival has an unprecedented rally of people from around the country as well as from around the world to bring beauty to this whole tourism scene.

Month: April

Venue: DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, Panaji


2. National Street Food Festival

National Food Fete

National Street Food of India is a common name for those various food events celebrated in Delhi that testifies to the footfall of thousands of food connoisseurs from everywhere. You have the chance to take a dip in the tasty delicacies of the street here at the National Street Food Festival.

Month: December/January

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi


3. Bengaluru Food Fete

Bangluru Food Festival

Bengaluru is one of the most loved South Indian cities when it comes to food, from luxury restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and trucks! And Food Fete Bengaluru is a common event that unites all of these. The festival is not only a delight to food lovers, but also an ideal platform for kitchens, restaurants, and bakers to please visitors.

Month: April

Venue: KTPO Trade Centre, Bangalore


4. Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please

Horn Ok Festival is for 14 to 40 people who love to search for a wide variety of cuisines. A fresh and special taste of Indian culture is seen in this festival. Horn Ok Please Festival, one of the most incredible activities in the World, celebrates the best food from all over Delhi NCR.

Month: November

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi


5. The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest is primarily a food and entertainment carnival. In addition to the food stalls at many famed Indian restaurants, gourmet items and organic ingredients can also be enjoyed in culinary workshops.

Month: March

Venue: New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai


6. Navi Mumbai Truck Festival

Navi Mumbai Truck Festival

This festival is the perfect experience of free admission and tropical food trucks! There are over 20 trucks for raising the mood, more than 100 foods, music, and drinks! Even this festival is child-friendly and suitable for families.

Month: March

Venue: Tandel Ground, Near Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Nerul, Navi Mumbai


7. Great Indian Food Festival

Great Indian Food Festival

A wonderful food dish is the Great Indian Food Festival. The stalls come from more than 75 countries. Gorge on a broad selection of things from parathas and ice creams to chicken and chaats. Gorges, ice cream, and many more. Gorges on a wide range of products.

Month: January

Venue:  Dilli Haat, Delhi


8. GoBuzzinga Momo Festival

GoBuzzinga Momo Festival

If you’re looking for the ultimate momo-indulgence, try the GoBuzzinga Momo Festival which offers over 300 momos, mummies from turmeric, tandoori, momos from chocolate, vodka momos, momos from rogan josh, etc. Sounds like Heaven. Read more about GoBuzzinga Momo Festival Here.

Month: October

Venue: Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon, New Delhi


9. Mei-Ramew


The Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society is organizing this festival. The festival is a gastronomical treat, and gives you ethnic food from the indigenous culture of Meghalaya! The dishes are prepared from local goods and trees.

Month: December

Venue: Sacred Grove, Mawphlang, Meghalaya


10. Sattvik Food Festival

Sattvik Food Festival

The Sattvik Food Festival organized by the SRISTI Ahmedabad-based NGO provides over 75 stalls selling country-wide and inventive nutritious plates. Makai na paania, dates cookie, dates jalebi, beetroot halwa, oats, etc.

Month: December

Venue: Boys Hostel Campus, Near Gujarat University, Navrangapura, Ahmedabad