Top 6 Trekking Gear Brands For Adventure Lovers

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Probably most of us heard about the big names of trekking gear brands and equipment … Osprey backpacks, Salomon shoes, or Trek bikes. Many outdoor brands are nearly family-friendly. However, there are a good number of other suppliers of outdoor equipment which are smaller but also doing great things.

In this article, we have therefore highlighted some of the best trekking gear brands for hikers and backpackers, mostly from the cottage industry. However, this list does not include only smaller companies. It also contains many large trekking gear brands, which in terms of consistency and creativity are market leaders.

Trekking Gear Brands for hikkers

Trekking gear and backpacking are always challenging, with high-quality facilities. But not all brands of outdoors manufacture items of good quality. We have picked the 6 best trekking gear brands for walkers and backpackers to guide you in narrowing down quality trekking gear and backpacking items.


1. Salomon


If you’re dreaming about a high-end brand so the brand Salomon is your brand. You can use lightweight boots, bags, and coats that will surely make you a trendy adventure. If you want to mix technology and trekking then consider the Sonic Pro range of women and men – they are the most comfortable shoes. Best trekking gear brand in our list for adventure lovers.

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2.  Reebok

Reebok Shoes

Hunting for the right tracksuit may be a struggle but no more, Reebok is your one-stop-shop for hikes, they’re the leader in creating ace walking trails, boots, t-shirts, and backpacks that will make a fun and adventurous landscape for the edgy people. The best brands in our list of trekking gear.

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3. Woodland

Woodland gears brand

The Woodlands is the best place to shop if you’re looking for the perfect walking boat. The Outdoor area has everything you need for your adventure, look for a moisture bag, hiking pole, and solar charger that is essential to your walks. Not to mention the classic Woodland walking boats, which make your whole experience happy.

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4. Craghoppers

Craghoppers Gears brand

Every trekker lover will go-to the brand. This innovative US brand. The brand employs technology to protect you against sun, rain, wind, and even insects. Yes, if you trek in deep forests, purchase repellent insect clothes and let your fear be highly moved. So take this trekking gear brand for mountain trips.

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5. Wildcraft

Wildcraft Gears

Wildcraft now creates everything you need for your adventures, most of which is known for its fabulous backpacks. And what is good about it is that the GPS tracker ‘Spot’ has launched recently to link you to your family. We bet that you’ll enjoy the Hypa collections all seasons and don’t dampen the adventurous spirits because of the weather. One of the best trekking gear brand for adventure lovers.

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6. Quechua

Quechua Gear Brand

Are you looking for healthy and creative trekking gear products? Then all of your needs are met by Quechua. Shop with Quechua, and you will be 100 percent satisfied for splendid rucksacks, costumes, tents, sleeping bags, trekking shoes, camping furniture. Quechua designs trekking gear products with a deep sense of responsibility, which are environment friendly for each product.

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