Travelling to Bangladesh? Must Visit Places

The country's agricultural climate and long meandering rivers make up one of the world's biggest delta and one of the world's finest mangroves, the Sundarbans. If you plan to travelling to Bangladesh below the must visit place at least once.
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In the South-East Asian region, Bangladesh is a beautiful country, which shares its border with India and Myanmar. The country’s agricultural climate and long meandering rivers make up one of the world’s biggest delta and one of the world’s finest mangroves, the Sundarbans. If you plan travelling to Bangladesh, below mentioned the must visit the places at least once.


Here is the list of places you must visit at least once if you travelling to Bangladesh.

1. Sonargaon


A historic administrative, shopping and shipbuilding area, Sonargaon or Golden City, was the capital of Bangladesh for a variety of years in history during pre-Muslim, Islamic, and British periods. It was founded in the middle of the 13th century in the Hindu Deva Dynasty and ended at the beginning of the 14th.


2. Kuakata

Kuakata beach

Kuakata is one of the most uncommon locations providing an overview of the rising and setting of the red sun in peaceful scenery on the Bay of Bengal waters. This may make Kuakata one of the only beaches in the world. The Sagar Kannya or the daughter of the sea is an uncommon scenic beauty situated on Bangladesh’s southernmost point.


3. Dhaka CityDhaka City

Dhaka has initiated in 1608 and is the second most heavily populated city across Bangladesh, next to the River Buriganga. It is a Trade and Cultural Hub with a rich history as a government seat.


4. Barisal


Barisal is Bangladesh’s port city with its river and limitless greenery stretches from the rest of the world. The life on the river depends because it is better than the road to get there. People and their cultures of popular backwaters and floating markets are the most exciting thing.


5. Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh’s only Coral Island – 7 to 8,000 people live there. Most of them rely on practices related to fishing or forestry. On the southern corner of the island, there are stunning corals.


6. Sylhet


Sylhet is the capital of tea, the biggest draw to all Bangladeshi visitors. Located between the north Khesia and Jaintia hills, and the south Tripura hills, Sylhet splits through a multitude of terraced tea garden and rolling rural areas and rare flora and fauna the monotony of this land’s flatness.


7. Cox’s Bazar

Cox's Bazar

The longest natural sandy beach in the world, Cox Bazar (155 km)! Throughout Bangladeshi tourist capital, Cox’s bazaar, thousands of silver beaches, waves of surfing, unique conk-shafts, soaring mountains, colourful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribal lives.


8. Bandarban


The mystery of the magical characteristics of the mountains is no better location than Bandarban. This location is an important residence on the Sangu River for more than 13 separate indigenous communities. The river may be the core of local life to make a cruise.


9. Rangamati


Rangamati is the most popular destination in the Chittagong mountains, with many little hills, tribal people and picturesque scenery of Kaptai lake. The lake, built-in 1960, is certainly gorgeous and surrounded by island. The perfect way to spend the day is by sailing around the bay.


10. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

The Ganges River Delta, Brahmaputra River and Meghna river on the Bay of Bengal are home to the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, one of the largest forests in the world and a UNESCO World Patrimony. It is similar to the Indian frontier but is part of Bangladesh’s forest.