Diwali This Year || Celebrations with Care to Nature

Diwali this year, however, not only harmed the atmosphere but also compromised public health in recent years. In this post, we discuss this year's Diwali celebrations with care to nature and the environment.
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The light festival is just around the corner and festivals have already begun. Diwali or Deepavali, the lights festival, is the most popular and famous in India without a doubt. It means the victory of light over darkness, good over bad, and desperation. Diwali is a festival. Diwali this year, however, not only harmed the atmosphere but also compromised public health in recent years. In this post, we discuss this year’s Diwali celebrations with care to nature and the environment.

Today we tell you, How we celebrate Diwali this year with nature care.

1. Refrain From Throwing Waste Materials

Refrain From Throwing Waste Materials

At Diwali, Eid, Dussehra, Christmas, or other festivals there is no problem getting the fun. There’s no end to your fun, but at the same time, we need to think about our community and culture. We have to clean the mess around us after enjoying our party. It makes no difference to dump garbage into streets and highways.


2. Avoid Overboard Celebrations


Overboard festivities often lead to accidents, destruction of valuable belongings, and deaths. In the past, people have been hurt by firecracker fracturing or by the Rawan statue in Dussehra being burned. Several buildings have caught fire and at these festivals, people destroy their property and life. Through due treatment, these items can easily be stopped.


3. Use Traditional Lighting

Traditional Lighting

Go for the fine, aged, biodegradable oil diyas and economical. You may also use creative light alternatives by using DIY diyas including wheat dough, orange peels, and coconut shells. In holidays this would reduce the use of energy and pollution.


4. Use Recycled Decor

Recycled Decor

Recycled decoration goods are nowadays becoming more and more popular. These decoration pieces do not only use the items but encourage us to make innovative use of products even after they expire. Through using items such as these for Diwali you will decorate your energy savings.


5. Avoid The Use of Plastics

Avoid The Use of Plastics

Using steel and biodegradable utensils (pattals) instead of disposable ones when holding a Diwali party. You also introduce to the party a conventional twist as you reduce plastic waste.


6. Spend Less

Spend Less

If we want to follow our Lord’s teachings and scriptures, so we can stop wasting so much on festivals. We should support poor people instead. If we support our brothers instead of investing our money on pointless stuff, God would be happier.


7. Turn Down The Volume of The Music

Turn Down The Volume of The Music

Any type of noisy music is just a nuisance. Down the volume, you can not only feel healthy but also help those who need relief. You never know if the neighbor needs to get up and rest early, or if there is a boy in the neighborhood who wakes with the loud music from his dream.


8. Avoid Chemical Colors For Rangoli Decoration

Rangoli Decoration

Rangolis was historically a way on festival days to feed birds and small animals. You can go on a journey into the past to use your Rangoli with colorful grains of food and natural colors. Will, you do not say that a way to celebrate Diwali is much more environmentally sustainable and fulfilling?


9. Opt For Reusable Plates for Guests

Reusable Plates

This Diwali is therefore going for normal glass or steel plate rather than opting for plastic plates or thermocol glasses that serve your guests Diwali snacks and refreshments. You might also think about using silverware.


10. Gift a Plant This Diwali and Set a New Trend

Gift a Plant This Diwali

For children in the household, plants can be a wonderful project – a subject that needs to be looked for, nurtured, and nurtured and that encourages children to be headstrong, disciplinary, and careful. Potted plants may be our tiny but deep-link to nature in our concrete jungles. Lastly, indoor plants will make your house look pretty, clean out the air, and even keep insects and mosquitoes away!


Do some work for the Diwali environment and don’t forget to help your family and friends to enjoy a healthy and secure Diwali in the environment.


Go Green, Stay Healthy or Safe this Diwali, and Follow Social Distancing to prevent Covid-19.