Non-Veg Food Lovers Heavenly Places in Mumbai

Mumbai is popular among meat lovers with a large range of options – whether western, local or Mughlai. Enjoy the best non-veg food lovers heavenly in Mumbai from food stalls to restaurants.
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The cuisine scene in Mumbai is popular among meat lovers with a large range of options – whether western, local or Mughlai. Enjoy the best non-veg food lovers heavenly in Mumbai from food stalls to restaurants.

You would certainly want to check out the list for locations where you can taste tasty non-vegetarian food if you often think about eating and particularly want something new and are against eating the greens.

List of Non-Veg Food Lovers Heavenly Places in Mumbai:

1. Jimi’s Burger, Malad

Jimis Burger

The burger joints are located across the city in Mumbai. But with its excellent taste and consistency of beef, Jimi’s Burger in Andheri has taken the lead. The Jimi’s Jawbreaker tenderloin burger with an additional seven centimeters of piled beef does not skip. The Jimi is designed to fit both budgets and appetites especially.


2. The Bohri Kitchen, Worli

The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai

The food scene of Mumbai is a melting pot of cuisine from all over the world and Bohri cuisine is a special one blended into the culture of the region. But Bohri food is not exactly a restaurant, it is the best place to experience.


3. Noor Mohammadi, Mohammad Ali Road

Noor Mohammadi in Mumbai

Noor Mohammadi is renowned for its kebab plate and the iconic Chicken SANJU BABA, an aged joint situated on the iconic Mohammad Ali Line in the South of Mumbai. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt made this dish famous.


4. Kofuku, Bandra West

Kofuku in Mumbai

The Japanese restaurant on Link Road is one of the most suitable locations to keep your sushi fixed and is a frequent highlight for Japanese food in the area. The grilled and sea bass shrimp, the Ebit tempura, and the famous salmon sushi and sashimi platter are among the most important dishes.


5. Pizza: Joey’s, Andheri West, And Malad

Pizza Joeys, Andheri West And Malad

Thanks to their delicious pizzas, Joey’s Pizza is now a brand familiar to all Mumbaikars. You would have tried Tornado pizza, spicy pizza with chicken keema, tikka if you were a faithful fan. A must-try for those who don’t like veg. The special Joey pizza, still very popular, can be tried.


6. Bombay Brasserie, Worli

Bombay Brasserie, Worli

Brasserie in Bombay is an outstanding dining venue. The restaurant menu draws ingredients from all over the country and serves classic favors with a modern look. If you’re a Birian lover, you’ll love the specialty of Bombay Chicken Biryani, their Muslim Bohri.


7. Goila Butter Chicken, Andheri West

Goila Butter Chicken, Andheri West

Truly decent butter chicken aka the Punjabis staple dish and Delhi’s Pride in Mumbai’s difficulty. This was before Saransh Goila, the kid from Delhi, unleashed his joy on us. Goila Butter Chicken has made a special place in Mumbaikar’s hearts and we recommend that you reach them fast.


8. Ticca Tikka, Andheri West

Ticca Tikka, Andheri West

In Andheri West’s Ticca Tikka has a big northern Indian menu and is consuming fusion cuisine. They have kebabs that go very well with a lot of steamed rice, hearty wraps, and tasty curries. Here too, we like the warm-light feeling.


9. Pradeep Gomantak, Fort

Pradeep Gomantak, Fort

Bhojanalaya at Fort Pradeep Gomantak is one of the only Malvani restaurants in the city serving fatty seafood. It could be worth a trip if you work at Fort and around and enjoy seafood a lot.


10. Shizusan, Lower Parel

Shizusan, Lower Parel

Shizusan is a treat in Mumbai for non-vegetarians, currently offering some of the finest fuss-free south Asian dishes, including sashimis, nigiri’s and maki sushi, shrimps, dark sums, rice bowls, satays, tailor-made miso milk cups, Korean chicken wings, and much more.