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Bhutan is not also a carbon-neutral country but a carbon-negative country in today's world where heavily populated urban areas around the globe add to global warming with their carbon emissions
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Not only is Bhutan renowned for its beautiful Buddhist monasteries, but also the beautiful sceneries of the Himalayas, but this small nation Bhutan, amid growing tourism, is the happiest and the only officially proclaimed carbon-negative country.

Bhutan is not also a carbon-neutral country but a carbon-negative country in today’s world where heavily populated urban areas around the globe add to global warming with their carbon emissions.


Why Bhutan Is The World’s Only Carbon Negative Country?

By the tasks that directly eliminate carbon dioxide in the air, the carbon negative country label will be obtained. Erin Levi, author of the upcoming Bradt Travel Guide to Bhutan, says Bhutan has achieved world records for planting the majority of trees every hour. Bhutan practices several such steps that may contribute to the objectives of sustainability and growth.

The Carbon Negative Country Bhutan

Bhutan has a specific constitutional duty to protect its people’s ecosystem as the first nation in the world. Both medical and health services are funded by the state. The Constitution of Bhutan demands forest conservation of at least 60% of Bhutan’s land.

The Government should ensure that a minimum of 60 percent of Bhutan’s total land is preserved for all time under a forest cover to conserve the country’s natural resources and avoid the destruction of the environment.

A partnership has been established between the Government of Bhutan and Nissan to supply the country with the promise of hundreds of electric cars soon afterward. Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay is preparing to turn all of the country’s cars into electricity as one of the notable measures to reach zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030.


Gross National Happiness

Goss National Happiness

For Bhutan is more important Gross Happiness National than Gross Happiness Product. In 1972, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck coined the word Gross National Happiness. It is Bhutan’s measure of community satisfaction and well-being. Other countries must also follow Bhutan’s path as to how the country is the greenest, although tourists are growing.

Best Travel Spots in Bhutan You Should Visit:

1. Paro

Paro in Bhutan

Paro is the most popular destination in Bhutan because of its quiet calm, scenic and clean air, surrounded by unstoppable mountains, lush green fields, and ancient houses.

2. Thimphu

Thimphu Bhutan

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and an intriguing destination. In the highest part of the Himalayas, this town offers breathtaking views of its snow-capped forests and a spectacular view of the Raidak or Chuu River.

3. Trongsa

Trongsa Bhutan

Trongsa is situated in central Bhutan and its lush flora provides a marvelous place to meditate and surround the senses.

4. Jakar

Jakar Bhutan

Jakar locally referred to as Chamkhar, lies next to the foot of Choekhor Valley. This area is renowned primarily for its commercial center and Jakar Dzong is the famous attraction around.

5. Punakha

Punakha Bhutan

Punakha is another astounding destination in Bhutan, and adventure seekers visit this place. ‘The safest spot to be in the two rivers Mo and Pho for those who love the adrenaline rush of rafting.

6. Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari Bhutan

Bhutan holidays are incomplete and biodiversity is not explored. Bhutan has lush emerald forests and numerous flora and fauna as breathtaking as the country itself.

7. Trekking in Mt. Jomolhari

Trekking in Mt. Jomolhari Bhutan

Trekking is a top adventure and Jomolhari Mountain can give endurance travelers the best experience. This is Bhutan’s most popular hiking route and you will be surrounded by a variety of beautiful sceneries, animals, and flora while walking along the cool forest.