50 Travel Quotes For Waking Up The Traveler in You

I love quotes for traveling. They remember that I'm traveling and motivating me to discover the world further. Travel quotes are your favorite pre-game talk. If you are thinking about traveling or need to be waking up traveler in you, here is the list of motivational Travel quotes.
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I love quotes for traveling. They remember that I’m traveling and motivating me to discover the world further. Travel quotes are your favorite pre-game talk. If you are thinking about traveling or need to be waking up traveler in you, here is the list of motivational Travel quotes. 

I hope they encourage you to grab your bags and to discover the farthest out of our plant into the unknown.


1. “When birds can fly anywhere on earth, I always wonder why birds stay in the same place. I’m asking myself the same question”. Harun Yahya


2. “Still around the corner, a new road or a secret gate may be waiting.” J. R. R. Tolkien


3. “I’m bringing with me everything I was, all I’m going to be lying waiting on the journey ahead.”


4. “However, the farther you go the harder it is to return. There are many edges in the world, and falling off is easy.” Anderson Cooper


5. “A journey is like a wedding. The only way to be wrong is to believe that it is controlled by you.” John Steinbeck

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6. “Journey is much more than seeing sights; it is a change in the concepts of living that goes on, deep and long-lasting.” Miriam Beard


7. “Life is the best and most efficient thing in the world. There seem to be most people” Oscar Wilde


8. “May your journeys bring you closer around each other, even as they bring you far from home.” Trenton Lee Stewart


9. “I perceive my route, but I have no idea where it tends to lead. What inspires me to make the journey is not knowing where I’m going” Rosalia de Castro de Castro


 10. “And I’m going into the wilderness, losing my mind and finding my soul.” John Muir

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11. “Go with all your heart wherever you go.” Confucius


12. “A better traveler does not have fixed plans and is not prepared to arrive.” Lao Tzu 


13. “Travel will not be a journey until you leave behind yourself.” Marty Rubin


14. “I am in lust with places that I never been to and citizens that I’ve never met.”


15. “Life is an adventurous journey or absolutely nothing.” Helen Keller 

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16. “We are not traveling to escape life, but not to leave us for life.” Asian Proverb


17. “Everyone can be harmed by the trip, but dullness will destroy you.”


18. “You meet yourself, travel far enough.” David Mitchell


19. “You can be hurt by the journey, but dullness will destroy you.”


20. “The universe is a chapter and only one page is read by those that don’t travel.” St. Augustine

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21. “It’s easier to see anything once than a million ways to hear about it.”


22. Travel – It leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller. Ibn Battuta


23. “Travel and actually change of location give the mind renewed confidence.” Seneca


24. “In best friend, rather than miles, a journey is best measured.” Tim Cahill


25. “A bird without wings is a traveler without observation.”-Moslih Eddin Saadi

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26. “The destination of one is never a place, but a different era to see things.”-Henry Miller


27. “All trips have secret locations that the traveler does not know about.” Martin Buber


28. “There is no land overseas. “The only foreigner is the traveler.”-Robert Louis Stevensonon.


29. “Check out the world. “It’s more amazing than any other dream.”-Ray Bradbury

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30. “Travelling is about evolving.”-Pierre Bernardo


31. “I haven’t been everywhere and, but it’s on my page.” – Susan Sontag 


32. “Journey Tries to teach Patience” – Benjamin Disraeli 


33. “If you believe that journey is risky, try a schedule. It’s lethal” – Paulo Coelho


34. “The closer I got the closer I get to myself.”-Andrew McCarthy


35. “If you do not even know you’re going, no path will get you there” – Lewis Carroll


36. “Traveling is the only thing you spend that makes you richer”-Anonymous


37. “People will not take journeys, they bring things on journeys.” John Steinbeck

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38. “Visitors don’t know where they were, tourists don’t know where they ended up going, 


39. “To taking vacations is to discover that everyone is wrong about other nations.”


40. “Take experiences only, leave marks only.” Chief Seattle


41. “Nothing like travel develops intelligence.” Emile Zola


42. “Traveling isn’t good for you. “That’s something that you’re doing.”-Gayle Forman


43. “It is just in a path that some people can know themselves-to find ourselves.” Andre Gide

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44. “No one knows how nice it is to make the trip until he comes back home and rests his bed on his old favorite pillow.”


45. “Whoever lives sees a lot. “The one who travels sees more.”-The Arab proverb


46. “The trip is not a matter of arrival.”-T.  S. Eliot

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47. “A thousand-mile journey must begin with a single step.”-Lao Tzu 


48. “Nothing next to me, things ahead of me as ever seen on the road” – Jack Kerouac 


49. “A sensible traveler never dislikes his own country.” – Carlo Goldoni


50. “In any pilgrimage like the start of it and there is no situation of delight.” Charles Dudley Warner