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23 Sep: Delhi to Sankri | Adventure Trip | Uttarakhand Tourism

Peace in God's own Land – simple for beginners, exciting for people who enjoy adrenaline rush – is one of the best treks in the winter. The trail is oval and is 12500 ft long. You will enjoy a delicious crunchy experience of woodland and mountainous land, as well as the magnificent mountainous hills, frozen lakes, and enigmatic mountain trees. The hiking begins in a lovely and picturesque village called Sankri.
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18 Aug: 10 Toughest Trek in India for the Ultimate Challenge

In India, several Himalayan treks can be found. The surreal feeling that the giant mountains surround, most valuable, and inaccessible places in the world are surrounded by, that the undisclosed truths are revealed in the frozen layers of the dangerous hills, is a simple journey. This is a memory that you will remember for years to come, and this is more than just a moment.