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16 Sep: Places to Unplug From The World | Travel, Music & You

The perfect solution to unplug from the world or the pressures of everyday life would be to open the turmoil of our modern world. Sadly, it seems like such areas are rare and far away, but we have found a variety of remote accommodation options with a little search. The brain has the opportunity to digitally detox by calming down, keeping in touch with nature, and learning what's really each minute.

11 Sep: Family Coming To Visit? Book A Comfy Room At These Affordable Hotels & Homestays In Delhi

You can spend a few months in the city without having to run away from everything, but it's boring to stuff it into a quick ride. That's why you need room to get back to that is safe, clean, and affordable when planning a vacation. We did this for you with the completion of the best affordable hotels & homestays in Delhi.