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19 Sep: Unexplored Destinations: Pachmarhi | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Pachmarhi has such an incredible geographical variety that you are so inclined to pick from things you can do in Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi is a cozy little hill resort rightly known as 'Satpura Ki Rani' tucked away in Madhya Pradesh green folds, in central India heart. In Pachmarhi, you can visit several unexplored destinations. In this post, you can unexplored and observe many places in Pachmarhi.
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17 Sep: 7 Reasons Why Not To Travel China | COVID-19 Born Nation

I'm sure other people in China had a wonderful time. Ashley didn't hate China because I did so, maybe I didn't relate well to China's different "culture."  China is a very beautiful country and it is a very good place where you can travel and explore. But there are some reasons why not travel to China, in this post, we will try to tell you about the reasons.
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16 Sep: Places to Unplug From The World | Travel, Music & You

The perfect solution to unplug from the world or the pressures of everyday life would be to open the turmoil of our modern world. Sadly, it seems like such areas are rare and far away, but we have found a variety of remote accommodation options with a little search. The brain has the opportunity to digitally detox by calming down, keeping in touch with nature, and learning what's really each minute.
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07 Sep: 10 Carpool Apps You Should Use For Your Commute

The definition of a carpool is pretty simple in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, for instance, to reduce the appalling traffic. Many of the carpool applications in India in the last 2-3 years were written and said already. With ever-greater traffic, the concept of carpooling was introduced as a super-accessible and economical undertaking by cab service firms such as Carma and Uber in the US.
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27 Aug: 10 Reasons Mumbai is Known as ‘The City Of Dreams’

There are various names in the city – Bollywood, the center of finances, slums, seven islands, and the list goes on. Of all the names, though, the "Land of Dreams" remains popular and draws tourists, developers, and dreamers. Besides the name itself, which shines with harmony and love, here are five reasons why Mumbai is named and rightly so the city of dreams.