Kerala The Paradise On Earth

14 Nov: Kerala The Paradise On Earth

Kerala The Paradise On Earth. There is a visual marvel tucked away at every corner and turn in the magnetic state. So pack your bags and prepare yourself; you are awaiting to fly across paradise A holiday to South India offers more than just a beautiful visual treat and a pulse. The spectacular sights and natural splendors of Kerala pull their green curtains aside to welcome every visitor.
Varanasi Markets

09 Nov: 8 Shopping Markets in Varanasi For all Kinds of Goods

Shopping in Varanasi is a great experience. Loads of traditional garments, ornaments, and authentic drinks are available in the vibrant markets in Varanasi. You can't leave without the Varanasi custom of weaving silk while you are here. Banarasi sarees are a classic that every woman wants to beautify once in her life, and for this Varanasi (hence the name Banarasi) is famous.